Everybody…….Christmas is almost here!   Have you been SHOPPING?!?  Or MAKING PRESENTS?!??

I wanted to get my beloved aunt a wooden “Lucky Cat.”  (Maneki Neko)  So I chose a nifty store in downtown Fukushima City that sells all sorts of Japanese delights.



This store sells lots and lots of garments, like slippers and woolen items and so on.  All made in Japan, and very expensive.  (Which is to say, out of my budget.)


I headed to the back of this rather large store.  I wanted something affordable which murmured “I am an exotic item from the chain of islands known as Nippon.”


I like that Lucky Cat!  See the teeny map on it?  It shows exactly where in Japan it was made.



Daruma (the doll in the corner) looks really Japanese.


Those towels were just luscious.  I wanted to buy them for myself…….but our towels take a lickin’.  They’re working towels, not decorative towels.


Oh, kitties!

Have you been preparing for Christmas?   Part of me wants to go to amazon.com and be done with it, but really I want to choose a one of kind item with love in my heart. So I have been trying not to just pick and click.

Be careful of postal fees though when mailing from Japan. I try to buy light items.  I send my items SAL (usually) although I may send my aunt’s lucky cat a faster way since it is Christmas time.  Procrastination is not good for the wallet!


If you want to visit this Japanese shop, walk straight from the Fukushima City train station (perpendicular) on its east side.  After two blocks, turn right.  Tell them Ralph sent you.