My Japanese study materials.  (photocopied from a textbook.)  Okay, I’m  “boro boro” (unkempt).  So sue me.

I took the JLPT N2 on Sunday.  (N2 is the second highest level.)  I felt well-prepared for the first section. (Grammar and kanji and vocabulary.)

As always, the reading comprehension passages were difficult for me and I struggled through them.  Towards the end, I just had a little time remaining, so I skipped a couple passages.  Then with thirty seconds left, I looked at one I had skipped–it was about books!  Something I might have enjoyed.  So that’ll teach me to look through the passages and tackle the ones that interest me first.  Sometimes, when you know a lot about a topic it’s pretty easy to guess what the answer to a question will be.


Last time, I sat next to a Chinese girl who could NOT seem to speak or understand Japanese, and this year I sat next to a Vietnamese girl who could not seem to speak or understand Japanese well.   She said (in Japanese) “How long have you lived in Japan?”  I said “Nijyuu nen.”  (Twenty years.)  She said that she did not understand.  So I repeated, “Nijyuu nen.” and held up two fingers.  She goes “Two years?” and I said, “Oh, okay. Yes.  Two years.” Whatever.  (It’s possible that she did not understand me because a youngling like her can’t comprehend a foreigner living in Japan for TWENTY WHOLE YEARS.  I myself can barely comprehend it.)

During the test, she kept humming softly to herself.  Only I could hear.  Finally, I poked her, and gave her the Shhh! sign with my index finger to my lips.  LOL   I understand her feeling.  It’s hard not to make noise.  At home, I frequently read aloud and have to remember not to do that during the test.   So I wasn’t mad or anything.

I keep thinking about what I missed.  Luckily, the bar for passing is quite low.  So there’s a possibility I passed.  If not, then there’s always next year!