Our city library isn’t glossy and fancy.  It’s definitely not beautiful.  But I love it. The librarians there are the best.


Every year on December first, they set out a display of Christmas books.  (No Hannukah books, unfortunately.)  They pull the Christmas books from what must be an extremely large store room of books.  I imagine a portal that the librarians cross through, and enter a room of books far larger than the library building itself.  That’s the only possible way.


I searched for books in English.  This one is bilingual.


It’s about a poor kitty who doesn’t have a home on Christmas.


This book is bilingual, too.


I adore the illustrations in this book.   Magnificent.


Okay, moving on to another part of the library.  As we all know, the illustrator/writer Shigeru Mizuki passed away on November 30th.  So the librarians clipped this article about him.  (They always do this when an important writer or illustrator dies.)


The news article is next to some of Mizuki’s books.  I pulled out one of them so you can see his style.


Moving on to another part of the library.  The Japanese New Year is January first, and it is the year of the monkey.  Therefore, they have a little display of books relating to both monkeys and the New Year’s Day.


The books. You can see a monkey book to the left.  The bottom book is a picture book about Japanese traditional New Year’s food.  The top book is about soba.  Why soba?  Soba is eaten on December 31st for longevity.  We eat it every year.


By the way, I snapped this photo at the nearby children’s library.  I wanted to show the difference.  I love the main city public library, but it’s a little grungy, whereas this city children’s library is sparkling new and modern.  It’s a pleasure to visit.  However, it doesn’t have as many English books, so I actually prefer the main library.