You may have seen the list going around on Facebook.  It ranks the difficulty levels of languages.   Please take a look, and look at the bottom where the most difficult languages are located.

Japanese has an asterisk which means:  * Usually more difficult than other languages in the same category.

So Japanese is in the most difficult category and more difficult than the other languages in that category!  What have I gotten myself into!!???!!!??!!

Of course, we all know that it is the FAULT OF KANJI!!!!!!!!!!!!     Japanese kanji has several readings for each kanji, but Chinese (Mandarin) has one reading.  So you can look at a Japanese kanji and be utterly perplexed.  Plus, kanji was never simplified in Japan, like it was in mainland China.

So let’s blame it all on the kanji.


There are some crazy people out there who insist kanji is fun.  Because they make little cutsie cute pictures and they are full of MEANING and SIGNIFICANCE and DEEP PROFOUND THOUGHTS.

You may have misled by these lunatics.   They pull out a kanji like

and say “Look!  It (yama)  is exactly like a mountain.  Isn’t kanji wonderful?”

And yes 山  does resemble a   富士山とお日さま


And then we move on to something like 人

“Look!  It looks EXACTLY like a person.”

Hmmm…sort of (hito) 人looks a little like ロシア人男性

So lets move onto 入. That looks like a person, too.

WRONG, YOU FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  人 and 入 are different kanji with different meanings.  Okay??!!!?  They are obviously different. Geesh.

Well, um what about 八?

YOU ARE NOT LISTENING!!!!!! DIFFERENT!!!!!!COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You won’t ever pass kanji kindergarten unless you get this right. 


Let’s try lesson two.

Just going to randomly pull a kanji from the dictionary.

断  (forms the verb “kotowaru” 断る)

Surely you can look at that kanji and figure out its meaning.

It means:  “To refuse”  女子高生A-010断る

Yeah, I can kind of see it.

See that girl’s head is the chunky thing on the right.

Next totally random kanji:

勢 (forms the word “ikioi” 勢い)

Let’s look at the picture and see if we can learn its meaning.  集中線-0102]

Um, got it?  It means 1.) force (As in the force be with you.) 2.) energy

勢い 集中線-0102

Yeah, kanji is easy!!!!!!  Just remember 集中線-0102 and you can write 勢い.  No problem!  Just make sure you get the stroke order right.

One more random kanji.

芸  (Gei)

And its accompanying picture:  森の音楽会

Yes!  There we have it. 芸 obviously means “performance.”  I mean, that is obvious, isn’t it!



漢字 は とても 楽しい!

Kanji is so much fun!



嘘 (Uso) 顔 慌てる


Free pictures from this site: