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Well, I was reading Facebook and saw that Yokai Watch has already hit American stores.  It was due out in March of 2016, but I guess they got smart and introduced it before the holidays.

I ordered the American game and guidebook for little American relatives.   I chose the guidebook because it says in the the comments that it explains the various yokai.  I find yokai fascinating, so  I felt that would be educational.

Pokemon is still the “thing” in America, but here in Japan, there are not a whole lot of Pokemon goods available.  Some, of course, but they have been pushed aside by Yokai Watch.  I bought the following Yokai Watch goods and will send to the States:



One thing I am worried about.  (And I don’t know why I am worried!!!!!!!!  LOL  Like I should care one way or another.)  I am worried that conservative Christians will believe that yokai are part of the devil and therefore boycott them.    I think Nintendo is worried, too, and I saw that they stress that Yokai are NOT NOT NOT ghosts.  Yokai are yokai!

(I have always seen Yokai translated as ghosts.  But what Nintendo says is actually probably true.  Yokai are not ghosts in the western sense.  They are Japanese, and like everything Japanese, don’t exist in the western mindset.)

I googled and found this http://www.geeksundergrace.com/gaming/what-christians-need-to-know-about-yo-kai-watch/

So that is one Christian’s opinion.

My opinion?  Well, I am Catholic, born and raised.  Honestly, Catholics don’t worry about this sort of stuff as much as some Protestant denominations.  We do Halloween, watch horror movies, read Harry Potter, that sort of stuff.  It’s not an issue with us.

If you are conservative Christian?   Well, if you don’t do Halloween, then you should probably avoid Yokai Watch.  If that Halloween level is okay with you (the cutesy version of Halloween, not the Freddy Kreuger version), you will be okay.  Yokai Watch is EXTREMELY cutesy and EXTREMELY kid-friendly.  It’s like putting on a ghost mask for Halloween and calling yourself Caspar.

Personally, if you are into education, Yokai Watch is a great way to teach about Japanese culture.  Yokai are a part of Japanese culture.  There’s far more to Japan than geisha, samurai, and ninja.  (Maybe the video game itself is not educational, but I think the guidebook might perhaps be.  I have not seen it so I don’t know for sure.)

In other news, the great illustrator of yokai, Shigeru Mizuki passed away on November 30th.  I have written about his Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro before.   He is THE precursor to Yokai Watch.   Without him, Yokai Watch would not exist.

Very short BBC article:  http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-34962924

Excellent blog post:  http://hyakumonogatari.com/2015/11/30/otsukare-sensei-goodbye-to-mizuki-shigeru/