My husband went to Tokyo and brought me back these two books.  When he handed me the Japanese studying book (which prepares you for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test) he said, “Now, you don’t have to study with that stupid Japanese Pod!”

He hates Japanese Pod.  Have I mentioned that before on this blog?  It’s a bone of contention between us.   He feels that the Japanese in it is too casual.  I admit that Japanese Pod does have an areas in which it could be improved (for example, sometimes an “advanced” lesson may be easier than some “intermediate” lessons, so I study both).  However, I find Japanese Pod fun.  I learn a lot about Japanese culture.

The book in the picture is great at preparing for the test, but it is not at all exciting and does NOT teach about Japanese culture at all.   It is just exercises.  That’s all.  No fairy tales or explanations of famous comedians like Jpod.

But it’s a nice little book and it serves its purpose for test preparation.  Not much more than that!

Update:  I was studying a book of essays I got from Fukushima University’s library.  I was so proud of a word in it that I announced: ” Kyou no tenki wa shigure desu!”

Shigure  時雨≒=Shower in late autumn or early winter

My husband was all, “That word is NOT going to be on your test!”  (How does he know?  Does he have SPECIAL INSIGHT into the test makers’ minds?)

Anyway, I picked up the N2 book and will study that until my test on December sixth.

My husband is like my trainer for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test:

“Focus, Rocky, Focus!   You’re gonna roll over it like a bulldozer!  Like an American bulldozer!   I’m gonna stay alive and watch you make good!  I’ll never leave you!  And when I leave you, you’ll not only know how to fight, you’ll be able to take care of yourself out of the ring!  Like an angel on your shoulder, if you’re ever going down, this angel will yell at you, Get up, you son of a bitch!”

And that’s why we have such a happy marriage.