I took this photo of a house (of some sort) here in town, but this photo is VERY unfair because the vast, vast, vast majority of Japanese housing is strong and sturdy.   Nevertheless, I am so glad that if I have to live in a country with the most earthquakes in the world, I am thankful that it is a country with (for the most part) sturdy housing.

I know in many countries, housing is not built to withstand earthquakes.  When a powerful (or sometimes even a weak) earthquake strikes, people are killed due to poor construction.  So I am so thankful that my house, my son’s school and my husband’s lab stood up on 3/11.

It’s a day to be thankful for all the blessings we have been given!  I’m going to try to carry this feeling with me all year long.   I’m really lucky and I often forget that.