I was reading a blog written by an American woman who is married to a Moroccan.  She wrote about the assumptions that people make upon learning her husband is Arab.  http://marocmama.com/6-assumptions-people-make-when-they-hear-your-husband-is-arab/  I thought that was brilliant and made my own list of what I believe are people’s assumptions.

1. He is short.

FALSE!   My husband is about six foot.  Not exactly a sumo wrestler, but not a shrimp, either.  Before coming to the U.S. he had believed the stereotype that Japanese are short and Americans are tall, but was surprised at how many short Americans there are.   I think that long ago, probably due to poor nutrition, Japanese people were shorter, but definitely getting taller.  (Japanese older people are typically much shorter than the modern young people.)

2.   He has a small penis.

FALSE!    And that’s all I’m saying.

3.  He has no body hair.

FALSE!    He has hair on his chest….and other places.  If he doesn’t shave, his face gets scratchy in a day.

4.    He expects his wife to serve him and be subservient.

FALSE!    No.  I’m a lazy bitch.

5.      He will work all the time.

TRUE!  He does work all the time. So did my dad.  Oh well.

6.      He will prefer having a son.

FALSE!   He did not care and would have been happy with a girl!

7.      You are allowed to have only one child.

FALSE!  Japan’s one child policy went into effect…….never.

8.       He’s a Momma’s Boy.  (Or expects you to live with his parents.)

FALSE!   My husband is so not a momma’s boy.  He’s very independent of his parents.

9.      He expects his wife to take care of his aging parents.

FALSE!   He does not expect this.  However, this is a hard one for me, because I would like to do what I can.  Plus his parents took care of me and my son after 3/11.  So I really do not know the future here.   I am hoping something happens like his parents stay healthy forever.