Last weekend we went on a day trip to Sendai.  It’s a city about the size of Boston north of us.


My son really wanted to see the Pokemon Center.  I don’t think he will outgrow this sort of stuff.  He prides himself on being a nerd.


I thought these were adorably cute, but did not buy any because my son has never liked stuff animals.  Lo and behold, once we arrived home he showed me that he had bought the Pikachu one himself!  He said it was limited edition.  That’s why he bought it.  Plus he thought it was cute.


More adorable New Year’s day decorations. The bottom is a take off on the common decoration of rice cakes with an orange on top.


I wanted to go to the bookstore.  The English books available in bookstores in Fukushima city are pretty much nil.

Sazae San is a famous comic strip that was first published in 1946.  It’s now a popular TV show, and has also been made into movies.   Sazae San is the lead character, and lives with her extended family.  In the picture on the book cover, she is holding her own baby, but the other two children are her brother and sister.  This was confusing for me at first, because I just assumed they were all her children.  No, she lives with her husband, her child, and HER parents, and THEIR two other children.


If you want to learn expressions like “Maybe we should tell our parents?”  “Do you have a condom?” “I think you should get an abortion.” and so on.  I definitely do NOT use these books for studying for the JLPT.


Beef tongue.  A favorite food in Sendai.  To right is cow tail soup.



Bought these as omiyage for my Japanese classes.  I thought the design was cute, and said definitely that I had been to Miyagi Prefecture.


I actually went to Sendai mainly because I wanted to buy calendars.  I thought they might have a better selection than Fukushima City, but really it was only slightly better.

Peter Rabbit:  I chose it because it has the Japanese national holidays written in both English and Japanese.

Top calendar:  This has a cute picture weekly along with an accompanying cute expression in both English and Japanese.

Family Calendar:  Different fairy tales in the pictures at top.


Thought these were really cute, and inexpensive.  You lift the flaps.


These crackers are common in Japan, but this beef tongue flavor is a specialty of Sendai.


Hello Kitty Tirolle chocolate for my English students.


The actual pictures were really cute, but very small, and I don’t think the students even noticed them as they ripped off the wrapping.  So I won’t be buying such expensive chocolates for them again!