This is an article I saw yesterday in The Japan Times.  Apparently, some activist has been threatening Fukushima scientists.   Their scientific findings are not quite what he wants.   So he wants them fucking murdered.


My take?  Well.   I personally prefer actual scientific studies conducted in Fukushima Prefecture itself, rather than research conducted from somebody’s sofa in Canada.

It’s so hard to find what is true and what is not.  A lot of people have agendas.  I try to get the information from reputable sources.   And that’s all I can do.  Nobody’s God.  Nobody knows everything.  Nobody know what will happen with the radiation situation in years to come (regarding people’s health and whatnot.)




A few days ago, I read in the Japan Times about this lady who fled Japan after 3/11 and got her lost salary.  (Despite the title “after Fukushima” this really has nothing to do with Fukushima Prefecture.  She left Tokyo, I think. )


My take?  I am really surprised by the verdict.  Japan is a very work oriented culture, so I am surprised that they found it was okay to leave her job.  Japanese people (in general) were NOT leaving their jobs.  (Including my husband.  He was going in immediately after the crisis and leaving me home to rip my eyeballs out.)

In general, I feel there is a, for lack of a better word, jealousy on the part of Japanese people.  We foreigners can up and leave in time of crisis, but the Japanese people can’t.    And they didn’t.  I owe a lot to the Japanese people who did their jobs after 3/11.  Them doing their jobs is the reason the country did not go to hell completely.


Your take?  If you have opinions, please chime in!