You probably remember that I got a hold of this book that has famous songs in it.  Well, I was studying it and I finally came upon one that I definitely recognized.  It’s a song that if you live in Japan and have watched any Japanese TV at all, you have heard it over and over.  It is common at graduation ceremonies, also.


The name is “Okuru Kotoba”  (My Message to You) by the folk group Kaientai.  Here it is on youtube.  If you live in Japan, see if you recognize it.  Surely you do.

I said to my husband, “Kaientai must be like Simon and Garfunkel.”  That folksy sad music we all love to weep to.

He said, “No, Simon and Garfunkel is more famous.” Maybe more world famous.  (After all, most Japanese groups are not famous in other countries that much.)   But here in Japan?  This Okuru Kotoba is so famous!  Even I know it!

Here are the last lyrics of the song in English:

In the new life you are beginning

There will be probably someone who loves you

But there is no one who will love you as deeply as I

Your receding shadow disappears into the crowd

No longer does it reach you, my message to you

No longer does it reach you, my message to you

Holy Moly, no wonder Japanese people love this song so much!!!!!  Wahhhhh!!!!!!


I discovered my son didn’t know who Simon and Garfunkel is, so I commenced listening to them.  From there to Adele, then those Abba break up songs.  Oh my.  Sometimes it feels good to listen to sad songs!