I went to Mossburger.  We very rarely eat fast food in Japan.  Kind of a treat.  My son loves hamburgers.


They gave me these stickers.  I was like, whoah, golly.

“Who is he?” I asked. They didn’t really know.  The Mossburger mascot, I guess.  She said he was pulling the hamburger from his hair.

Um, racist, I think.  These images would never fly in America, but Japanese people don’t consider racial issues as much.  Ironically, they think that Americans are MORE racist than Japanese because America has more racial issues.  (Especially recently with police officers and African-Americans)  But it is only appears that way because America is a diverse county, but Japan is like 99% Japanese.  Racism is not considered an issue here by Japanese people.  (Generally speaking, of course.  I mean–the stickers speak for themselves.)