Isabel Allende’s new book came out, titled, “The Japanese Lover.”   A secret mysterious Japanese lover!   I want to read it.  I’m adding it to my long list of “To Read” books.

Anyhoo…….I’ve got one of them, too!  A Japanese lover!  He’s not secret, but he’s definitely mysterious.   I rarely talk about him on this blog.  So today’s the day!


Look.  In the blue jacket.  That’s my Japanese lover.

What shall I say?  He’s an excellent husband.  (As well as being my lover, he is also my husband.)   Just a high quality guy.    He’s also really funny.  Whenever I post a photo of wacky food, he created it.



He bought this.


I think there’s a certain fascination in romances between western women and Japanese men that I see cropping up.  Back in the nineties when we got together, I thought we were the very first white woman/Japanese man couple ever, practically.   (It’s not true.  Many have come before us.


But we were nonexistent in the media, and in real life outnumbered by western men, Japanese women couples.)

My Japanese lover and I have been married forever (actually since 1998 and dated throughout the mid nineties).  From our teenboppy Oh-we-are-so-much-in-love! early years to our Oh, we are still in love, aren’t we, darling, will you take out the trash now?  later years.   Soon to be our I love you but I have to use the toilet again so don’t bother me for the next twenty minutes, eventually, I suppose.

That’s us.