When the weather is magnificent, I love to go out and bicycle and explore.  So I looked at map and thought, “I’ll try to bicycle up north on Route Four to Date Town.”  Let’s see if I can make it!


The weather was just perfect for bicycling.   A wide sidewalk meant bicyling was safe.  However, the view from the highway was not terribly exciting.  Lots of boring businesses.



And I did NOT make it to Date Town!  It was further than I expected.  I stopped when I reached this lovely shrine.  I figured it would give me something to photograph so I would feel like I had accomplished some sightseeing.


See my charinko?  That’s “bikey” in Japanese.


A playground at the shrine.  A place to pray and play.


Lovely building nearby.


I took a photo of the shrine’s name so I could find it when I got home.  I couldn’t find it though!  I’m sure it’s there.  I didn’t really look that hard.


On the way back.  Lovely view of the river.