At Fukushima University’s Library, I discovered this wonderful study book.  It has famous Japanese pop songs.  (Actually probably more folksy than pop.)


I showed it to my Japanese teachers.  They said all the songs were extremely famous, known by all Japanese people.   They’re old songs.  A lot of “breaking up and saying goodbye” sad type of songs.

This is actually volume II.  I requested Volume I, but the library does not carry it. Volume I and Volume II are out of print, so you can only buy used versions.


So I vigorously set to studying.  I was just so happy to see the Who’s Who in the music world.


However, as I commenced studying, I thought: “I have never heard these songs!”  For example the one shown in Japanese in the photo.


This is the English translation.  I listened to it on youtube and I did not like it.  Too bouncy for me.


But then…..this morning my husband had the TV on.  If you live in Japan, you know that Japanese programs frequently play snippets of famous songs (either Japanese or western) as background music.  Anyway…….this song was played on the TV.  I could NOT believe it!  I mean one day I am studying it, and the very next day I hear it!  And not only that, later at lunch, he was watching another show and I heard it again!!!!!!  So obviously it is played A LOT.  It is just one of those songs though I am sure i heard a million times and never really noticed.

This is the song that I heard on TV on youtube, Yume No Nake E, by Yosui Inoue.

Here is the other song in the book by that artist.  This song is much slower and I much prefer it.

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