Happy Halloween, everybody!  I hope everybody is having a safe and fun day, if you celebrate Halloween (or even if you don’t.)  And All Saint’s Day is tomorrow, so let’s remember all those who have gone before us.  After all, this is “Obon” for us Catholics!


Anybody remember Little Golden Records?  I think I just barely do.  I was very young in the seventies, when people still used records.  I distinctly remember my mom putting a record on the record player in my room and leaving me in there to listen to in there….while she went to go for a much needed rest.  (I was, according to her, “very active.”)

Those are good memories!   Just me jumping on the bed all by myself and listening to the music or story.

So now on Youtube you can listen to Little Golden Records music.  Yay!


I love this site: Little Golden Records However, I have had trouble getting it to load, so I sort of stopped listening to it.