What is the best season for reading?  If you are like me, you say, “All seasons.”  But Japanese people have an expression:

“Autumn is for Reading”


The Japanese expression is Dokushyo no Aki 読書の秋



The meaning is that autumn is the best time for reading.

I was reading the children’s newspaper and it explained where this expression comes from.  According to the Yomiuri Kodomo Shinbun, there is an old Chinese poem with the line 灯火親しむべし “touka shitashimu beshi”  which refers to reading by lamplight as the days grow shorter and the nights longer.    The feeling is that autumn just simply suits reading.

So you can impress your Japanese friends by saying, “Well, I’m off to read a book.  After all, Dokushyo no Aki!”   Trust me, they will think you are brilliant.


Hmmmm…which shall I choose?