Today’s signs are of doctors’ offices.   This is very useful so that when you walk by a clinic, you know what it is for.   You may need to go there some day!


This first one is pretty easy.  See the kanji for tooth?

Shika are the first two kanji.  That means dentistry 歯科

The whole sign says Shikaiin 歯科医院

So this is a dentist’s office.


Don’t look at the first two kanjis.  That is the name of the doctor.  (Azuma)

This is Sanfujinka 産婦人科  It’s a gynecologist/obstetrician.

San 産  has a meaning of birth

If you just see 婦人科 alone that is a gynecologist, but is not also an obsetrician.

These birthing centers (like in the photo above)  are usually the poshest of the clinics.  See the Gap sign?   They sell baby clothes, even!  Everything is pretty and pink in these birthing clinics.  Don’t get used to it, Mama.  Because, from here on out, you be getting your medical treatment Communist style.

Typical Japanese doctors’ clinics often resemble North Korean doctor’s offices, in my imagination anyway.  Think grey and no privacy and very out of date.



Can you reconize some of those kanjis? (at the top, between the blue)

This is a Jibiinkouka 耳鼻咽喉科

This is an oto…otolaryn…..atolaryngogogologist.  Yeah, whatever.   An ear, nose, and throat specialist.

You will usually just hear it called Jibika (I think?  That is what I always hear people say.)

Hate the Jibika as we had a nightmare experience in Narita with an overzealously snot sucking doctor.  (On my baby son, not me)




This is a good one.  I walked past this sign ALL THE TIME and had no idea what it was because I didn’t know its kanji.  This particular doctor is awesome, and so I am happy I learned about this clinic.

Look at the top.  hifu 皮膚 means Skin

So  the Hifuka 皮膚科 is a skin doctor, a dermatologist.


Okay, we got English right there!  Pretend you don’t see it.

naika 内科 is internal medicine, a run of the mill doctor.


Look at the top, last three kanji.

shyounika 小児科  A children’s doctor, a pediatrician


Look at the very right, going down.  We learned “naika”.  Now below that.

Shinryounaika 心療内科 My dictionary says Psychotherapist, but I think it is really a psychiatrist.  No therapy here.  Doctors distribute medicine.  Nondoctors (therapists) do therapy.




The last two kanji say Ganka.  Do you know what that is?

Ganka 眼科 Opthamology.  So an Eye Doctor.  (The one who is a medical doctor.  Not somebody who fits glasses.)

This word can be VERY confusing if you hear it in conversation and are not clear on its meaning.  “Gan” also means cancer.  So you might hear somebody say, “I’m going to the eye doctor.”  And you think they have cancer.  Not the same thing!

癌 Gan  This is the kanji for “Cancer”  (Ganka 癌化 means a cancerous change of normal cells–the same pronunciation as the “opthamology”)  ~(`0`)~


In yellow this says Seikei Geka  せいけいげか

That means  Orthopedics.  This is where I went when I had my gimpy foot problem and hurt my butt.  To be honest, it didn’t really help much.  😦 You just have to sort of wait these injuries out.