I needed to go to the Prefectural Library.  Behind the library, there is Mt. Shinobu, a small mountain in the center of Fukushima City.  I saw a path and, of course, followed it.  I knew there would be something interesting at the end of it.  Japanese people very often build temples and shrines on mountains and at the sea.


This is a Buddhist temple.  I still have trouble telling shrines (Shinto) and temples (Buddhist) apart.  Buddhism, of course, originated in India and then came to Japan through China.  Shinto, of course, is the indigenous religion in Japan.  Some Japanese people are one religon or the other.  Or both.  Or neither.  Most, I think, adhere to practices in both religions.  (Extremely few Japanese people are Christian.  Despite that, I have quite a few Christian churches in my neighborhood.)



Oh, dragonfly, searching for a wee knight to battle. Is a tiny princess locked up in the dragonfly’s castle?


The view from the temple grounds. That’s the Prefectural library and art museum in the foreground.  Then behind that is Fukushima City (part of it, anyway.)  Mountains surround Fukushima City, so you can those in the distance.


People leave their prayers here.  You can read them, but the names are written on them, so I did not do a close-up.  Stuff like “I wish for good health and my family’s prosperity.”  “I wish for good grades and to be friends with all the other kids.”  Stuff like that.


Statue of Buddha is big KEY that Yes, this is a Buddhist temple.  (Another sign that it is Buddhist is lack of a Torii gate, only present in Shinto shrines.)

Being Catholic, I never pray.  However, I find that the grounds of the temples and shrines very peaceful and often beautiful.  (The same as I felt about the churches in Europe.)


That is Mt. Shinobu in the background.  I call it a small mountain, but it’s pretty good sized. It stretches on, quite long, if not high.


Love this kind of architecture.  So pretty.  Asia has a beauty that is yet to be fully recognized in the west.


Okay, bye!  Back to my bicyle to ride home.  The weather has been just glorious this past autumn.  Trying to make the best of it!