Something I love about keeping this blog is that it enables me to learn new things.  If I want to blog about a certain topic, but don’t know much about it, then I research it a bit until my curiosity is satisfied.  I have learned quite a bit about Fukushima this way.


At the bookstores, there are books that are about Fukushima.  NOT just about the nuclear mess, but about interesting sights, history, people, food and so on.  Remember, we live here, so Fukushima for us is much more than “radiation.”


I really want to read these books.  If they were in English, I could read them quickly.  But in Japanese it is a laborious process.  So I don’t attempt reading a book in Japanese too often.  (I study often, though.)


More books.  You can tell that the books in this area ARE about the nuclear mess.  (See the “No Nukes” on the green book on the bottom left?)