Today I am going to talk about something I know pretty much nothing about.  But if you live in Japan, you probably seen them on TV.  The girl groups.   I don’t think America has anything like them.

The main one is AKB48.   This is their official site.  Yes, I know it looks skeevey.   I think it started with 48 members, but now has over one hundred.  They sing, they dance, they look adorable.   But they can’t date (according to their contracts.)  If they date, they get in trouble and then the girl may do something crazy like shave her head.   Also possible if you are a member of AKB48 member is getting attacked by a saw wielding maniac.

I detest AKB48, and fortunately neither my husband nor son like them.  It’s just everything……wrong…….with Japan.  Virginal dancing girls.  Not for me.

Way back in the day, when I first arrived in Japan twenty years ago, there was Morning Musume.  Anyone remember them?  Wait.  They are still around.  And oddly enough they have not aged.  How is that I am twenty years older and they are still sixteen?
Oh, and it looks like the immensely popular AKB48 has a rival group—Nogizaka46.  Catfight?  Meowr.

This is just FYI to let you know that Japan is just as wacky as ever.

AKB48 singing “Halloween Night”  It gives you a good idea of what they are like, plus it gets you into the Halloween spirit!