This is the rooftop at SPAL shopping center, the shopping area connected to the train station.  They had a few animals for kids to look at.




Baby chicks make everybody happy.


All righty then.  Lately, I have been talking about Fukushima and how wonderful it is to live here.

However, there is always an undercurrent of worry living here.  I feel it, I know other people feel it, and the children definitely feel it.

Story time:

My son came home and said that “K” (a younger kid he knows) had told him that K’s mother had cancer.  So I said, “Uhhhh….are you sure?  I don’t think so.  I mean it is possible, but I doubt it.”  All the while not really not knowing what the heck was going on, but not wanting to scare my son.

So I bought some fruit to take over to K’s house where I talked to K’s mom.  She told me she DOES NOT have cancer and was surprised that little K was saying that.  She was ill, but it wasn’t serious.

I came home and relayed this news to my son.

What probably happened is that K knew his mom was sick and thought that it was indeed cancer.  Living here makes everybody worry about this.  I know the kids talk about it at school.  It’s an extra burden they grow up with, both the fear of cancer and the stress that arises from the fear of cancer.

So there’s that.

All the kids had thyroid cancer checks here in Fukushima.  My son was fine, thank goodness.    I live in a constant state of dread, however, as all people in Fukushima do.


Just saw this yesterday:  First Fukushima worker cancer case.   Making big news.