Urban Legend in Japan has it that a ghost may reside in your toilet.  Probably not the bidet-equipped sparkling clean Toto brand deluxe toilet that one finds in hotels, but the toilet like the one at the juku where I work:


This toilet is JUST A HOLE.   (All other squatties I have seen are nicer than this and flush.   My juku’s toilet is JUST A HOLE.)   Definitely home to a ghost.  And probably a lot more.


The urban legend’s ghost’s name is Hanako.  Isn’t she a cutie?  Here is a Wikipedia article on Hanako.


This is a “Hanako the Toilet Ghost” game at Toys R Us.  Too cool.


Other ghastly games.

So I guess the question is:  Did J.K. Rowling borrow from Japanese culture when she created her toilet ghost?   I think we’ll never know for sure.  Probably not, but possibly.   I guess it doesn’t really matter because ideas build upon other ideas and, besides, the Harry Potter series is Kick Ass.  (Pun intended.)

That reminds me.  I still haven’t read the final book in the series.  Somebody dies, right?   I need to get busy.