What is THE symbol of Fukushima?  The Akabeko!

It’s a bobble headed cow that is made from paper mache and is usually painted red.  It’s so cute.  The basic ones are inexpensive, so I have often bought them as gifts for people in America.


These are the basic Akabeko, in varius sizes.  You can see that the small one on the right is a little less than ten U.S. dollars.



And while the traditional Akabeko are red, you can also purchase them in a variety of color.  Don’t they look oh so chic?


Little Akabeko charms to attach to your bag or cell phone.  Gotta have the Fukushima where ever you go.



That signs says “Fukushima Kougei Kan”  (Fukushima Handicrafts Hall)


I thought these akabeko were ultra cool.  For the person who is all, “What?  An ordinary red Akabeko?  No!  I want something with a little more style…a little more class….a little more pizazz!”