I live in Fukushima.

Before the earthquake, nobody knew where or what Fukushima was.  But after the earthquake, it had turned into a horrible place that nobody in their right mind would live in. “Fukushima” is a word that now strikes fear in people’s hearts. Before the earthquake, Fukushima was just another place.  It wasn’t famous outside of Japan at all.  In Japan, it was known for its fresh air, its nature, its delicious fruits and vegetables.

After the earthquake, well….we all know what the word FUKUSHIMA has become synonymous with.  Nuclear tragedy.  Cancer.  Human pride.  Reactors.  Meltdown. Forget the fresh fruits and vegetables.  Forget the beautiful nature.  Forget the fresh air.  It’s now a place nobody wants to go to and nobody wants to have anything to do with.   (Except perhaps hear horror stories on the internet.)

So for me to say, “I come from Fukushima!”  I feel the reaction is like: fukushimawhowouldeverwanttolivetheregoshifeelsorryforher…..poor lady

Good grief.  People.  It’s just Fukushima.  It’s like Japan’s version of Nebraska.  That nice place up north where nothing really ever happens………..

So yes, I feel shame.  I think the whole prefecture feels shame. The prefecture didn’t do anything wrong, just trying to bring in extra jobs while supplying electricity to Tokyo.  And now it is the Untouchable Prefecture.


And pray to God to have mercy upon us

And pray that I may forget

These matters that with myself

I too much discuss

Too much explain

Because I do not hope to turn again

Let these words answer

For what is done, not to be done again

May the judgement not be too heavy upon us


(I wrote this post many months ago when an American woman was mean to me on the internet.  She wanted to travel in Japan and I suggested she come to Tohoku.  To which she replied “Fukushima!  I don’t want to go there.”  She knows a lot about Japan so she knew full well that Tohoku and Fukushima are not the same.  It really hurt my feelings.  Anyway, I wrote this post and was reluctant to post it for a long time.  I kept delaying.  But it describes my feelings.)