I’ve posted about this restaurant in downtown Fukushima City before.  If you come to our fine city and the sky is clear, definitely dine here!  (And if you don’t have money for a ten dollar meal, then at least go to the free viewing area down the hall.  It’s a separate room with tables and a vending machine.)

To get there:  If you are at the train station, don’t go out the cool funky east side.  (The side where I live.)  Go out the boring west side.  Skip the Itoyokado Shopping Center.  I know, it’s tantalizing, but today is NOT the day to buy cheap shoes and ramen.  Go off to your right, to the tall building.  It’s called the Corasse building.  On the first floor, you can buy Fukushima souvenirs and get information about Fukushima sightseeing.  Very nice.  Do that.  Now after you finish, go up the elevator to the top floor.  There is the restaurant.  If the weather is brilliant, it will be crowded, so go early.  A reservation is smart.


View from the restaurant.


View from the restaurant


View from the Restaurant


Each table has a labelled picture of the view.  I don’t ever get to this side of Fukushima.  I really need to get on my bike and explore here!



Itadakimasu!  This meal costs 1,000 yen.  The food is seasonal.

The name of this restaurant in the sky with delightful cuisine is Ki-ichigo.   The telephone number is 024-536-6158.

Their website is http://www.ki-ichigo.jp/