Kinki Kids

When you hear that, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  I know, me too.  But let’s get our minds out of the gutter.

In reality, KinKi Kids is a two member Japanese boy band that has been around since the nineties and was named after the Kinki region of Japan.

Kinki region?    Say what?

Yes, somewhere down there (for us in Tohoku, everything south of Tokyo is somewhere down there) is a region named Kinki.

BONUS QUESTION:  Which name is worse:  FUKUshima or KINKI?


I got so excited when I spotted this wonderful Hello Kitty notebook with a map of Japan’s regions.  I got the very last one!!!!!!  (See Kinki in the middle?)


What better way to learn about Japan than with chocolates with flavors of various regions?

Kyushu Satsumaimo (Kyushu Sweet Potato)    Hokkaido Kabocha (Hokkaido Pumpkin)

Waguri (Japanese chestnut)              Shinshu Budou  (Shinshu grape)


And at our local park, there was this fun little motorcycle that is touring Japan!  Ganbatte!


Shhh….This photo was taken early in the morning.  Don’t wake him.  Or her.