If I watch the Fukushima news on TV, I can see the daily readout of the radiation level.




Here is a link to a map that has radiation levels at sightseeing spots so “visitors can comfortably enjoy their time in Fukushima.”

I know what you are thinking. If I have to worry about radiation levels, I’m not going!

But hey, don’t you know that Paris is out, Chernobyl is in?  Kyoto is uncool, Fukushima is where it’s at?

I know I have mentioned it before but my neighbor is a prominent scientist at Fukushima University specializing in radiation.  I don’t see him that often (he’s busy.) But he was at the festival on Sunday.  He is super nice and friendly.  Immediately after the earthquake here in Japan, he was interviewed on national news.

On Sunday another scientist was there, also a super nice guy.  It makes me comfortable knowing that I have contacts with people who know the REAL situation of Fukushima.  Not the distorted media presented situation, but the unbiased painstakingly researched situation.