I am a true abibliophobiac.  That’s the fear of running out of books.

I got it bad.   Living in Japan, there is always that fear of not being able to get books in English.  I am not sure why I have this horrid paranoia–life for us readers of English has never been better in Japan.  We’ve got the internet to read, apps, internet shopping (as a means of acquiring books), and the kindle, and so on.   So I really can’t complain.

When I first came to Japan in 1995, I would read anything with English I could find, such as my husband’s English insert to his Japanese newspaper…geared to Japanese learners of English.

Bob:  Do you know the Beatles?

Akiko:  Yes, they were a popular British rock group.  I enjoy listening to their music.

Bob:  Me, too.

As long as it was in English, I would read it.  Times have changed….but like somebody who has lived through the Great Depression, I live in fear that there will not be enough.


And look at this!  At the Fukushima University library bookstore, these readers were on sale!  Each for 140 yen.  Banzai!


I chose the non-fiction titles.  I felt guilty for buying the good ones, but the saleslady said she was glad somebody was buying them.


And then I relax with the Japan Times.  This paper was IT in the ’90’s.  I still read it for news, although I do so at the library because I don’t have a subscription, either online or real life.

(I just realized I made a joke.  The newspaper was IT in the nineties.  That is the newspaper was “it” and the newspaper was Information Technology.  Get it?  Okay, yeah, we weren’t hooked up to the internet back then.  I know the internet existed because I first saw it in the United States around 1992.   We’re just lazy here in Japan.)