I saw this poster for a festival on Oct. 31 to Nov. 1 in the town of Minami Soma.  This town was heavily affected by radiation, and a large percentage of residents were forced to evacuate after earthquake.

Minami Soma is not really that far from Fukushima City.   A few days ago, I asked at the train station about the train to get there.  Due to the earthquake, part of the train line is down.  That means from Fukushima City, you take train to a station.  Then you have to change to a bus.  I’d like to try this…..some day.  I really need to make time for this sort of thing.  (I don’t drive.  I’m sure a car would actually be the most convenient means of transportation.)

I want to explore Fukushima more.  I think the earthquake has made me more appreciative of Fukushima.  Although part of it also has to do with my son getting more independent.

My son was seven (in second grade) when the earthquake occurred.  So that means that all the time prior to the earthquake, he needed me around after school, and his school got out rather early.  Then after that we were in Yamagata (escaping the radiation) for two years.  Now he is twelve and he doesn’t need me as much.  His school hours are long, and I can leave him at home by myself.  That means a lot more freedom for me to explore if I choose.

So anyway, I doubt most of you out there live close enough that a festival in Minami Soma is an option for you.  Nevertheless, you can take comfort in knowing that yes, people do have fun in Fukushima!


I was looking at this article from CNN.  It has very important photos.  Heartbreaking.  http://edition.cnn.com/2015/10/08/arts/cnnphotos-fukushima-aftermath/index.html  This area is on the east coast, not too far from us.  (We are in the north central part of Fukushima Prefecture.)  Before the earthquake, I never went to this area.  And since the earthquake, I still haven’t gone.  I’d like to.  It’s just that transportation for me is a problem.