I have posted about it  before, but my son tends to have speech issues on R and L sounds.  It’s pretty slight, but definitely noticeable.

Anyway, over the summer, I talked to my niece who has a good friend who is a speech therapist.  She said that I need to correct him every time he makes a mistake.  It is something that needs to be done at home.  A speech therapist can only do so much, and need reinforcement at home.

When he was younger, I didn’t want to correct him because I didn’t want him to feel self-conscious.  It is a wonderful feat that he is bilingual in Japanese and English.  I didn’t want anything to hinder his progress!  Lately, I have been correcting him though.

Anyway, I bought the following card sets when I was in the U.S.  You can EASILY make the same sort of cards with a computer yourself.   It’s just a picture with a corresponding word.

I prefer cards over apps.   I have never used the Ipad as a learning device.  It’s too distracting.



One nice thing about these cards is that there are two of each.  That’s great for games like memory and so on.

My son’s favorite show is “The Big Bang Theory.”  If you have ever watched this, you know there is a nerdy side character who has a severe (to humorous effect) speech impediment.    So I think perhaps my son sees this and realizes that he slightly sounds like this (he is not as bad as the character on the show!)

I noticed this morning, I asked my son, “Would you prefer the blue one or the black one?”  He avoided using the “L” sound by saying, “That one.”  I don’t know if did this consciously or not!

Anyway….that’s where things stand!  I am really proud of him because he does a great job with his English.  He is doing his best!