Halloween is really taking off in Japan.  They have not reached the level of “Trick or Treat” (not in Fukushima anyway) but there are lots of cute Halloween goodies you can buy.  Plus, on TV I have seen that there are evidently haunted houses that one can visit.  Not around here, I don’t think. (Except on festival weekend.  We have a haunted house at our festival, but it is not specifically for Halloween.)

So anyway…lots of Halloween photos!


At the train station.  That is Fukushima Prefecture’s mascot all dressed up for Halloween.


This is the international food store at the train station.


Also the international store.


Again the international food store.  I personally love Toblerones.


Mr. Donuts…This reminds me of when I went to Thailand last year in October.  Hardly any Halloween in Thailand at all.  (That jet setting niece that I was visiting is currently in Spain!)


Really pretty Japanese style candies.


One of the local bookstores.  That poster is handmade.  Personally, I don’t think you will see that kind of care in decorations at an American bookseller  (like Barnes and Noble. I don’t know about the smaller more independent bookstores.)


I thought these handkerchiefs were adorable. I had never seen Halloween hankies before.  I think this must be a Japan-only sort of thing.  Japanese people ADORE handkerchiefs!  I personally have so many that I couldn’t see buying the Halloween hankies in the photos.