Button Button Who’s got the button?

A button came off my son’s uniform.  My son didn’t know where it was, so I went to buy a new button.  I was informed there that the buttons are NOT sewn on.  They have little clips.  They fit on the button hole with these clips.

The reason?  Tradition is that upon graduation the boy gives his second button to the girl that he likes.  Therefore to make it easier for everyone involved, the buttons use clips.  Weird, huh?

I had heard often about this romantic tradition, but did not know about the clips.  It just all makes it seem so…….  expected.  Now the boy HAS to give away his button.  If he doesn’t, there will be questions!!!!

Anyway.  I bought a new button, got back home, and tidied up and found the missing button.  Silly me.  I should have cleaned before going out to buy replacement button!