Yarn!   Where would we be without it?   As the winds get chillier and the days get shorter, life is so much better with a thick sweater or a wooly cap.

My sister knits.  She has been so sweet and knitted a few things for us, but I know it takes her a long time to do each project.  She doesn’t do it for money, just to give as gifts.

Near our house here in downtown Fukushima City is a delightful shop of yarn.



Do you know what these are?  Hair scrunchies!  So original!  I bought two for my beloved niece.


Everything made from yarn.  Don’t quote me on this, but the cats might be made from cat hair?  I can’t remember.  Maybe I am making things up.



Doesn’t it look like the kind of place one might meet in a book?

If you interested in lovely crochet, please visit Iceflower Crochet Store!  It’s a business owned with love by another western mom in Japan.


Okay, moving on to a completely different store.  The 100 yen shop.  My niece requested hair doodads, so I was browsing the hair doodad section in the 100 yen shop.  I thought these clippies were cute…..BUT!


OMG!!!!!!!!!  Contains LEAD!!!!!!!!!!  I did not buy them (of course!)

WTF?!?  Everybody knows that after the head, the next most popular place to put your hair doodad is in your mouth (while arranging your tresses.)   I don’t want ANYBODY losing any brain power to gain beauty power, so of course I did not buy these.   It makes me mad that they even sell these.

So ladies be careful with your hair doodads!