I found a wonderful book at the library by Toshio Suzuki.  It is called “A Picture Book of Haiku.”  It’s really lovely.  It’s in both English and Japanese.

On one page, there is a famous haiku by a Japanese poet in English.

Then on the other side, it has the same poem in Japanese.  Just a really lovely book, and good for all ages.

I don’t know if you readers have noticed, but I have stopped taking photos of the interiors of Japanese books.  I am a little worried about infringing on copyright.

In America, you can show a bit for educational purposes, which I feel my blog does.  (I seek to educate.)   However, I am unsure of the Japanese laws….

It’s a bit of a shame, because it’s nice to see if the book is wordless, or English/ Japanese, etc.   My goal is to help busy moms of bilingual kids choose books at their local Japanese libraries.  (They can show the photo to the librarian and get the book, lickety split.)