This “Moomin” movie came out in the movie theaters several months ago here in Japan.  Now it is in the DVD rental shops and there is an English language track on it.  However….I tried to watch this movie, but was very bored!  I didn’t finish watching it.

My son said, “Aren’t you glad I didn’t want to go with you to see it at the movie theater?”  Yes.  We saved twenty bucks.


This EXTREMELY famous series of movies is called “Otoko wa Tsurai Yo.”  It also has an English track.   It starred comedic actor Atsumi Kiyoshi as Tora San.  There are 48 movies in this “Otoko wa Tsurai” (It’s tough being a man) series.   I only watched the very first one, which debuted in 1979.  It was better than I expected, funny with lowbrow slapsticky humor.  If you’re a Japanophile, definitely watch this movie.


Speaking of movies, Netflix has recently come to Japan.  So on a very rainy and boring day, I signed up to see some movies.  It has many American movies  and shows and also many Japanese offerings, as can be expected, sometimes with English subtitles.  I am looking forward to using Netflix as a way to study Japanese.  Although, honestly?  I have so much to study.  Something like Netflix is such a big change from the nineties, when studying was boring because it was hard to find good materials.  (Remember—no DVD’s, only VCR’s, therefore no English tracks, etc. etc. etc. and so on.)   With something like Netflix, you can read the Japanese subtitles along with listening, and stop it instantly whenever you like.

So yeah, basically I am loving Netflix.   Anybody else got it?  Any recommendations?