Orange pumpkins!  Yay!  Autumn is here!


Lovely little autumn tidbits.


Lovely autumn sugar frosted gummy candy.


Very common children’s song in Japan:

どんぐりころころ 作詞:青木存義 作曲:梁田貞 英訳:山岸勝榮(C)
An Acorn Rolled Down Lyrics: AOKI Nagayoshi Music: YANADA Tadashi English Translation: YAMAGISHI Katsuei (C)
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1. どんぐりころころ ドンブリコ お池にはまって さあ大変 どじょうが出て来て 今日は 坊ちゃん一緒に 遊びましょう  
An acorn rolled down; he plopped with a splash   Into the clear pond. Oh, my gosh    There came a loach and greeted him    Little boy, let’s have a good time together

どんぐりころころ よろこんで しばらく一緒に 遊んだが やっぱりお山が 恋しいと 泣いてはどじょうを 困らせた
The acorn who rolled down was glad to hear the news   For a while in the pond the two had fun    But he said he missed the mountain after all     Crying and giving the kind loach much worry


(A loach is a kind of fish)