I was shopping for a birthday present and I ended up getting this:



It’s a shirt with “Team Fukushima” on the front.  A local basketball team, I guess?  It was from a sporting goods store.  Anyway, I sort of wonder what people in the U.S. will think when they see that on a t-shirt—-if anything at all.  I know “Chernobyl” is synonymous with nuclear meltdown, so I’m wondering if Fukushima is the same.

I also packed it with birthday stickers.  The reason I did not include a card is because the price of postage increases if I post the item with a letter or card with a message.  Something about written materials going at a different postal rate.  So I avoid posting letters and what not.  It’s generally pretty easy–I send the item, and also send an email that I’ve sent and happy birthday, rah rah rah.


I chose really pretty stamps.  I always try and request stamps because I think half the fun of getting an international parcel is the interesting stamps.  These in the photo are just so lovely.