Did you hear you can buy Kawaii in Japan?  Yes, there is a store that sells cuteness.  And it just came to the shopping center near my home.


There was a household items goods store here (Boring!) and they replaced with all things cute.


I could live here.


This is interesting.  In the back, they have a mock old-timey candy store.  I know these mock stores have been around for a while, because they had them in Narita when I used to live there.  And furthermore, there was a real 駄菓子屋(dagashiya) near our house when we first moved to Fukushima, run by an old lady.  It’s gone now.

駄菓子屋=old timey Japanese candy store.  Sold cheap candy like in the photo above.

Explanation of the kanji in the word:

駄da=Poor, low-grade, insignificant, worthless





It looks like Showa era.  That’s the era my husband and I were born in.


The Showa era lasted from 1926 to 1989.  It ended upon the death of the last emperor.  Now we are in the Heisei era, which will end when the current emperor passes away.