My parents celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary while I was in the United States.  I asked them, “When you got married, did you realize you would still be together fifty years later?”  They said they did not think that far ahead.

I am not going to say they had the most perfect marriage ever.  They were not looking into each other’s eyes every day, giggling at each other secrets.  Rather, it was a good union, based on friendship and trust and common values.  When I was a child,they did argue quite a bit, but their arguing did not destroy their marriage and I think now in their old age they have a great thing going.  They understand each other deeply, and care for each other, and respect each other.  I think they admire each other, because each of them possesses qualities the other doesn’t have.

Will I celebrate my fiftieth with my husband?  Gosh!  I have not thought that far!   Hmmm……  But I certainly hope so!!!!!!!


Anniversary card for my parents


I really don’t think my parents ever did THAT

My parents had a small party to celebrate their fiftieth.  Well, if you read this blog regularly, you will know that I have been asking my mom a question a day and I write down her answer.  On a much smaller scale, I have also done this with my dad.  (We don’t talk as much, so therefore not as many questions.)

So at the party, I read my mom’s answers to questions like “Where did you go on your first date?”  and my dad’s answer.  It was pretty funny, because my mom gave a long, detailed answer. But my dad was like, “I don’t remember.  (calling to my mom) Hey, where did we go on our first date?”  So the juxtaposition of their answers was quite amusing.

However, afterwards, my dad said, “You did not tell me you were writing my answers down!”  I know I told my mom several times, but dad and I don’t talk as much so maybe I did not tell him.  Anyway, I doubt it would have made much difference.  My dad is a man of few words!

So anyway, try it out.  Ask your parents the same exact questions and write down the answers.  What you find may surprise you!