I was reading a Reader’s Digest.  It appears that the word “Fukushima” has entered the English language as a synonym for “a fuck-up of disastrous proportions.”

Please note the above article is about about medical forensics.  It has NOTHING to do with Fukushima Prefecture, or about nuclear energy, or anything related to Fukushima.


So feel free to add this nifty new word to your vocabulary, folks.  You can say….let’s see. Hmm…

Reader’s Digest’s writing is the Fukushima of journalism.

“Fukushima of Forensics” is the Fukushima of figures of speech.

Candy corn is the Fukushima of Halloween candy.

Donald Trump is the Fukushima of Republican candidates.

Monday is the Fukushima of days of the week.

See how it works?  Please start inserting the word “Fukushima” into your vocabulary and the good people of Fukushima will thank you.  Because it is SO VERY NICE to be infamous!  :=)