I want to direction your attention to this article.  The person who wrote it obviously reads my blog because it’s what I’ve been saying.

What I have said on this blog is this:  Worse than the radiation itself is the stress caused by the fear.  Not sayin’ radiation isn’t bad, because it is.  But the fear and stress are here and now.  We need to think rationally about the issue instead of just throwing the words “radiation” and “Fukushima” around willy nilly (like so many in the media do.)

It’s funny reading that article, though.  The author scientist is so very calm and collected.  He says, “The government basically panicked” but what he does not mention is that everybody was panicking–including the American government and news media.  Where was the oh-so-calm Mr. George Johnson in March of 2011?  Was he reassuring me and all the other people stuck in Fukushima?  No…he wasn’t.

Where was he while the media was screaming:  “YOU’RE GONNA DIE!!!!!  ALL YOU PEOPLE IN FUKUSHIMA ARE GONNA DIE A HORIBLE DEATH!!!!!”

I was one of those people in Fukushima in March of 2011 and that’s what it sounded like to me.  There was So. Much. Hysteria. in the days following the earthquake.

It’s nice that the experts are now saying that the radiation risk is not as high as they originally thought (since a lot of the radiation was dispersed over the ocean.)

If you google “Fukushima” (and believe me, since I live here I have to do it quite often), it’ll automatically come up with radiation, radiation, and more radiation.  Go ahead.  Do it.  Google Fukushima (or yahoo it.)  See what you come up with.   🙂

I just “Yahooed” Fukushima and the first page was ten sites directly concerning radiation, nuclear, etc.  and one not (Wikipedia entry for Fukushima).  And that was just the first page!

When I want to look up the hours for my local public library or local movie times………and I get RADIATION NEWS.  Stress, I tell ya.  Stress.