Do you know what this is?  Huh?  Huh?

I played this CD for my son and he couldn’t guess.  Then, I played track number four–the American Anthem–and track number one–the Japanese anthem.  Oooooh!  It’s a CD of national anthems from lots and lots of different countries.

To be honest…………….I find it a little boring to just listen to.  Very pompousy and marchy.  (Tracks number four and one, excluded of course.  🙂

So today let’s talk about Japan’s national anthem.  Do you know it’s name?  Kimigayo  君が代

Kimi refers to the emperor, and Japan’s anthem is a song honoring the emperor.

From this site,

“An excellent translation was created by Basil H. Chamberlain, author of the book Things Japanese:

Thousands of years of happy reign be thine
Rule on, my lord, till what pebbles now
By age united to mighty rocks shall grow
Whose venerable sides the moss doth lie”

There are quite a few Japanese people who don’t like the Kimigayo due to its honoring the emperor.  I remember when I first arrived in Japan and was teaching, some teachers did not want to stand when it was being sung.  It was quite the controversy.

That seems strange to me, because the American anthem doesn’t seem to cause controversy.   Pretty much all Americans love it and to say otherwise would probably not be smart!   Yeah, we have freedom of speech, but nobody will save you from your own dumbness.  Anyway, everybody I know loves it, and I myself get all misty eyes when I hear it.

My son has to stand and sing the Kimigayo at school, cuz you know that is the sort of things kids are forced to do.  His opinion?  BORING!

Okay, for those of you who haven’t clicked off to looked at videos of dancing kitties, here is the youtube version of the Kimigayo: