On our trip back from America, we passed through Tokyo, so we went to Tokyo’s famous Ueno Zoo, which is located in Ueno Park.


I had a panda bento.  Yeah, I couldn’t resist!


Little American Prairie Dog, a foreigner in Japan like me


Ueno Park has several wonderful museums.  When we were leaving, I saw a sign advertising an exhibit which was was showing old Japanese paintings….of ghosts! I was intrigued.  However, we were both really hot and tired by that point, so we didn’t go.


It’s probably a good thing.  I was looking at the exhibit’s brochure, and I think my son would have been scared and would NOT have enjoyed it.

Speaking of exhibits, there is a Trick Art Exhibit at the Fukushima City Bunka Center (Culture Center) until September 27th.  It’s really a lot of fun, especially with kids.  Don’t forget your camera!


This is NOT my son.  He is a painting and therefore not real, except in some alternate dimension where paintings are alive.


This is not my son nor my husband. Again just a painting.


If Trick Art comes to your area, be sure and see it!