That big earthquake off the coast of South America meant that there was a tsunami warning on Friday morning.    It has since been lifted.

I think tsunamis are taken way more seriously in Japan after 3/11 than before.  People are now aware of the potential consequences.

This channel was the Disney Jr. Channel on satellite TV, but the Cartoon Network did not have any info on their screen.  It depended on the channel.


Moving on to a completely different topic.  Ever since I have first moved to Japan, I have heard that the military here in Japan could only be self-defense, a rule that came about as a result of WWII.    Well, now the government wants to strengthen the Japanese military.  For whatever reasons.  I am not getting into the politics of it.

Anyway.  LOTS of people are understandably angry about this, and there were big protests today in Tokyo.  And then I was out and about here in Fukushima City, and I saw and heard this political truck, with loudspeakers blaring about BLAH BLAH America BLAH BLAH  (America was the only word I understood.  The rest was blah blah to me.)

So I snapped this photo, not 100% sure what side they stood on the issue.  But it appears this truck is against strengthening the military, since in blue, I can read the word “peace” “heiwa”