Loosely translated: “100 Problems of Me as a Mixed Race Person”

My time is fairly limited so when I focus on Japanese, I usually use a textbook or Japanese Pod 101.  However, I really wanted to read the above book.  So I challenged myself!


It’s a comic written by Sandra Häfelin, a woman who is half Japanese and half German.  There is only a Japanese version of the book, so I can’t read it in English.  It is all about the problems “half” people face in Japan.  I wanted to read it to get insight on my son’s experience as half American/half Japanese.

It was excellent, and surprisingly easy for me to read.  (It has furigana.)

Does my son have any problems due to being mixed?  I don’t really know.  He doesn’t talk about it. But, as a parent, it’s  important to keep on top of these things.  I’m on a FB group for Hafu people and their relatives so I can learn about the issues.

I definitely don’t think it is easy being “half” in Japan.  The funny thing is though, I doubt my son’s school chums would even know that he is “Half” if it weren’t for me.  I stick out like a sore thumb!  I always worry that I am embarrassing my son (I usually am) as he enters the difficult teen years.

Now a blogging question for readers.  Would you prefer if I use the “Read More” feature for posts, or should  keep it as it is?  Personally, I don’t like the “Read More” feature when I read blogs.  However, I am aware that some people do.  Would it make it easier on you if I changed over?  I know my blog is photo heavy, so it may be difficult for some of you.  Thank you for your thoughts!