Here’s a nice wordless book.  Actually, it’s not 100% wordless.  The Japanese edition retains words like “Name the animals” in English.  But it is essentially wordless.

I was looking at interviews on youtube of authors that I love.

Maurice Sendak–really, really interesting.  The interviewer talks a while before Sendak comes on the scene, so wait for it.

Beverly Cleary–my favorite author when I was a kid

Norton Juster this interview and this interview (Beverly Cleary was my favorite author, but “The Phantom Tollbooth was my favorite book)

Tomi Ungerer  this interview  I thought it was interesting when he says he was French at home, Alsatian on the street and German at school, also this interview “I think children’s books should give children a taste for life, even if it tastes bad.”

Louis Sachar….I didn’t discover him until I was an adult, but he’s now my current fave.  He lives in Austin, Texas so I have considered stalking him, but if I actually met him, I would probably faint.  This interview  has the quote “If it is too boring for me to rewrite, it’ll be too boring for you to read.”

Dav Pilkey…one of my son’s favorite authors.  His wife is Japanese and he has been to Japan, so we sent him fan mail, but we never got anything back.

Jeff Kinney…another one of my son’s favorite authors.  Doesn’t this guy seem the opposite of Greg Heffley?  He is so clean-cut and polite.  In this interview you can learn WHAT IS DIFFERENT about the Japanese Wimpy Kid books.

I made up a joke:

My son got his very own cell phone. Anyway, he took it to school, but got it taken away by the teacher who put it in phone jail. But it escaped because there were no bars on the cell.