If you are overseas, and you have been watching the news, you probably saw that Japan has been experiencing unprecedented rainfall.  And if you are here in Japan, you may have been experiencing this rain.  Here in Tohoku, it has been raining almost continuously since I got back from vacation in America.  And then we had a couple of typhoons which left flooding and mayhem in prefectures like Tochigi and Ibaraki.  I don’t believe there was any damage here in Fukushima.  (Although the nuclear power plant was in the news–it’s always worrisome when something may disturb it.)


I rode my bike to the Abukuma River to check it out.  This stretch of the river is pretty close to my house, about ten minutes away.  Fukushima City is the capitol of Fukushima Prefecture, and this is right next to the prefectural government building.


Yes, it’s high.  But looks okay to me.  I guess.


A shrine.


This is a poem written by the esteemed poet, Wakayama.  He visited Fukushima in 1916.


Another shrine, right next to that other one.  I guess this one is older?

It appears that the rain has pretty much ended for now.  These photos were taken on Friday, which was mercifully cloudy and not rainy.  Then yesterday it was beautiful and sunny.  So here is hoping the sun stays around and Japan dries out!