Connie over at Joyful Solitude is requesting emergency supplies for Saipan, which was hit by a devastating typhoon over the summer.  She said they needed anti-bug stuff and whatnot, so I went shopping:


Different anti-bug doodads.  My cousin’s wife told me that her family sent a care package of children’s vitamins to Vietnam and the kids ate them all up, thinking they were candy.  So with this in mind, I put stickers on the packages that said, “Anti Bug”

(Although if you are wondering 虫 “mushi” is the kanji for BUG and is a kanji that even preschool kids know.  If you look at the packages, you can see that bug kanji on them.)


Mosquito Coils


In the green package, there are patches that are anti-bug.  On the right, there are anti-bug tissue wipes.


On left are ant-bug bracelets for kids.  On right are anti-bug patches.  I have to admit I did not buy the character ones though.  They were just way more expensive with less in the package.  I got the cheaper non-famous character ones.)


I especially want to help because so many people were so kind to Tohoku after the earthquake.  It’s my way of showing gratitude.  ❤

Kind of an interesting story:  The address that Connie gave me says, Saipan, USA….so I wrote that on the address label.  I told the postal worker that it was going to Saipan.  He  said, “Saipan or USA?”  And of course I tell him that Saipan is part of the U.S.  And he is really confused and does NOT understand and neither does the other postal worker.  The price for Saipan and the continental U.S. are different (which makes sense because Saipan is fairly close to Japan.)  Anyway, finally I just crossed out USA and wrote SAIPAN……otherwise he would make me pay the continental U.S price!  He just did NOT understand!  LOL