This book is adorable.  It is an introduction to Mozart and comes with a CD you can listen to.  My son is no longer a wee little one, but I admit to borrowing it because I wanted to listen to the Mozart CD with him.


“Mouzaruto E Youkouso”

You are supposed to look at its pages where it says in English “Dreamy!” and listen to the accompanying song and think, “Dreamy!”  However, in real life, the songs were way too long for this.  I simply stuck the CD in the CD player and we listened to it. It was educational, because I kept saying to my son, “This is MOZART!!!!  MOZART!!!!!  Hey, this is Mozart!!!!  MOZARTTTTT!!!!!!!”

I asked at the library if they had more little composer books like this that I could use to annoy my son educate my son, but no, this is the only one.